Here’s a unique floating house idea. The Kleindienst Group developer firm is set to build 42 floating homes as part of the Heart of Europe development in Dubai. The structure is called the Floating Seahorse, and it is technically a boat. What’s so unique about it is the fact that one entire floor of it is located underwater, offering clear views of the underwater life in the Persian Gulf.


The Floating Seahorse boathouses will be anchored a short boat ride off the coast of Dubai, near the St. Petersburg and Main Europe Islands. Each of these aboded will have a floor space of 1,700 sq ft (158 sq m). Each of the 42 units will have three floors, with 2 above the water and one below. The “ground” floor will be at sea level and consist of an open plan living area, a fully-equipped kitchen and a dining room. The upper floor will feature an outdoor shower, a mini bar, a small kitchenette, a day bed and a Jacuzzi. In the fully submerged part of the structure, there will be a master bedroom and bathroom. This part of the Floating Seahorse will feature large windows, which will offer awesome views of the underwater life in the surrounding coral reef.



The boathouses were designed and developed in Dubai, and they will be built in partnership with Dutch Docklands. Dubai has been developing rapidly, and not altogether sustainably in recent years. These houseboats were also developed as a more eco-friendly alternative to the man made landmasses near the ocean, which had been built in Dubai to lure in the wealthy tourists. According to the developers, the Floating Seahorse houses are more environmentally friendly as well as more cost-effective.



Construction will take place in local dry docks, after which the boats will be transported out into the water. Construction will start in late 2015, while the first homes will be in place sometime in 2016.