Mike Basich is a photographer and one of the pioneers of snowboarding and he recently completed a unique off-the-grid tiny home in the mountains. As a pro snowboarder he used to live in a large mansion, which came with all the trimmings of modern living, but he has now retired to a place where he can enjoy nature and the simple life.

His new home measures 250-square-feet and is located on a 40-acre plot near Truckee, California. Mike built the cabin on his own, and mostly by hand, a process which took him about five years. The cabin is completely off-grid, and he used mostly locally sourced materials to construct it, while some of them were even salvaged. The wood and 175 tons of rock that he uses came from the property on which the cabin stands.


All the needed electricity is generated by solar panels, while the cabin is heated primarily by a large fireplace, which was salvaged. The cabin also features two large, floor to ceiling windows, which face south and let in plenty of light, and warmth from the sun. The interior is comprised of a single open space, with a small kitchen, as well as a dining and living area. The bedroom is located in a loft which is accessible via a ladder.



The home also features a patio with a large hot tub. The only thing kind of missing from this home is a toilet, which it does not have.

Mike designed his home based on the Golden Ratio, and it is shaped like a pentagon, which he believes makes the cabin feel intimate and harmonious. He also incorporated celestial light into his plan, since the cabin is aligned so that the light hits the center of the floor space every year on his birthday. Clearly a lot of care and consideration has gone into constructing this unique home, though I for one would miss that toilet.