The Smoky Park Supper Club, located in Asheville, North Carolina, is a recently built restaurant made of shipping containers. It was built using 19 recycled containers by the construction firm SG Blocks, and is apparently the largest shipping container building in the country.

The Smoky Park Supper Club was built on a 1.8 acre (7,284 sq m) property on the side of the French Broad River, so patrons can reach it by car, bike, on foot or even by boat. The site on which it is located was previously a brownfield, meaning it needed quite a bit of a clean-up prior to the start of construction.

After this it took just three days to transport the 19 containers to the building site, install them there and create the restaurant. According to SG Blocks vice president of sales and business development David Cross, the actual build time could have been reduced to just a day and a half, but they decided to take their time and do it more slowly and methodically.


Such a short build time was made possible by the fact that most of the work on the containers, such as creating the openings for the windows and doors was done off site. The shipping containers they used were also left in pretty much the original condition, which is a great way of celebrating these unique building blocks.


Cross also estimates that a potential 142,500 kWh of energy was saved by using shipping containers as the main building blocks. This is based on the calculation that it takes 8,000 kWh of energy to melt down a decommissioned shipping container and only 500 kWh to reuse it as a building block.

The project was actually started in 2011 and the build was completed in May 2014. The restaurant is set to open its doors very soon.