Canadian couple Wayne Adams and Catherine King built their beautiful no-waste, no-impact floating home back in 1992. They named it Freedom Cove and have been living in it for nearly 25 years, and even raised a family there. The floating home is located near Tofino, British Columbia, on a gorgeous lake.


Freedom Cove is comprised of twelve interconnected floating platforms on which the couple built a home, a greenhouse, a lighthouse, as well as a dance studio for Catherine who is a retired ballerina. They also call their home a “floating food garden.” Wayne is a sculptor, and the couple has been augmenting their income from art with selling organic vegetables and fruit, which they grow year round. They also sell the fish they catch in the lake.




Freedom Cove is equipped with a PV solar power array, which is capable of generating all the energy they need. There is also a rainwater collection system in place, while drinking water comes from a nearby waterfall.


Wayne and Catherine have tried to raise hens here too, but unfortunately natural predators were too much of a problem. They also had to deal with other unusual pests, such as a 30-pound rat, which kept damaging the foundations of the home.

Freedom Cove is very unique and has a lot of character. The small lighthouse is actually a shower, while all the buildings are painted in vivid colors such as bright teal and pink.



This is basically a lifetime work of art for the couple, and it is commendable that they chose sustainable, no impact living as a way to express themselves. They also offer tours to all interested parties from June to September, via Browning Pass Charters, so if you’re in the area and want to take a closer look you can do that.