The motto of the company Tiny Heirloom Homes of Oregon is: “downsize, don’t down grade”. To meet this goal they offer a variety of ingenious tiny homes, which range from the basic to the more sophisticated. They also offer off-the-grid options, full customization, and smart home automation in partnership with Nest Labs. One of their goals is also to become the first luxury, custom tiny home manufacturer in the US.

The tiny homes they produce are fully customizable, while they all feature high-end flooring materials, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, a composting or incinerating toilet, a washer/dryer combo unit, a Dickinson p12000 heater, as well as wind turbines, solar panels, battery banks and so on. The basic model costs $75,000, with shipping included. Also included in the price are all the legal considerations, as well a as flight so you can visit the factory where your home is being built. I assume this is part of the “luxury” aspect that they are reaching for, though it might be better spent on some extra base level features.




They will also soon release the so-called Tiny Heirloom Home Automation System, which controls lighting and temperature remotely, features voice activated hand locking, and offers auto-leveling jacks, tank level indication, and propane level readings and Bluetooth surround sound. This can all be run via an iPhone or Android app.




The homes they make weigh from 8,000 to 18,000 pounds, which means they can be classified as travel trailers, and not park model RVs, which is the case with most other mobile tiny homes. This means that no permit to move them is required, while the company also claims that it is easier to get a loan from a bank for a travel trailer. These claims should be checked out by prospective buyers though, since they might not be the same in all states.

While these homes do bring some flair to tiny home living, and the fact that the customer can basically customize the whole thing according to their preferences, is a definite bonus. However, whether luxury and tiny home living are two words that can even be used together remains an open question.