The Missoula, Montana bases company Montainer has begun selling the first prefabricated model of the shipping container homes they offer. The Nomad 192, as the home is called, can be purchased though their website, while the company plans to expand their offerings in 2015 with several other models, which can already be preordered.

The company uses recycled shipping containers to build these prefabricated, or modular homes, which are unique, modern and sustainable and are collectively known as Montainers.


The Nomad 192 is made from a single 24-foot high cube shipping container, meaning it has a higher ceiling than standard containers and measures 192 square-feet. Inside it, there is a fully functioning kitchen, a bathroom with a shower, a living area that doubles as a bedroom. The container also comes equipped with all the necessary appliances needed for comfortable living.




These homes are also fully insulated using closed cell spray foam, which results in high R-ratings for the walls (R21), floor (R30) and ceiling (R48). The wall of the two longer sides of the container is removed almost entirely and replaced by large French windows that let in plenty of natural daylight and fresh air. On each of the shorter sides of the container there is also a barn door, which is made from the original container wall, and provides security and protection for the home.



When ordered, the home can be assembled on the building site in less than a day, provided the future owner already has a foundation and utility hookups in place. The Nomad 192 meets all building codes. It is inspected at the building facility and approved at the state level through the modular home building department before being shipped out. A fully functional Nomad 192, equipped with all the appliances, cabinetry, and other furniture costs $65,000, which includes delivery and installation within 500 miles of the company’s headquarters. The Nomad 192 would make a great vacation home, or guesthouse, though it could also easily be a permanent residence for a single person or a couple.