The prefab homebuilder Cubicco of Florida just released a new version of their flatpack homes, which the company claims are sturdy enough to withstand hurricane winds of up to 180 mph. Prefab flatpack homes are great since they can easily be transported to anywhere on the back of a truck, while the Cubicco homes go one step further in that they can be fitted with a number of sustainable technologies so the owner can potentially take them off-the-grid.

Among these optional upgrades are solar power harvesting technology and a rainwater collection system.


The basic version of Cubicco’s offerings is the so-called 96-2b Home, which is a fully equipped dwelling and measures 685 square feet (63 square meters). It features a kitchen, dining area, an office, two bedrooms and a bathroom, so it is perfectly suitable for a small family to live in. There is also an option to add a covered porch, deck and ramp. This basic version can be expanded to form a larger home and the prices start at $115,300 for a fully built home. Customers can also opt to build the home themselves, in which case the unit costs $58,500.






The homes are made from sustainably-sourced wood, and customers can also opt to fit them with green tech such as a green roof or a vertical garden. A rooftop mounted solar PV array is also a possible upgrade, which, coupled with a battery array, can take this home off-the-grid completely. The rainwater collection system consists of an underground tank into which rainwater is channeled via a gutter. Customers can also opt for geothermal heating, and air-conditioning. These homes are also suitable for flood prone areas, since they can easily be raised on stilts.

The roofs of a Cubicco home can withstand up to 10 feet of snow, while they homes also feature hurricane-impact resistant doors and windows, and are rated to be able to withstand a Category 5 hurricane.