A new Kickstarter campaign is aiming to raise funds to build a device, which will be capable of harvesting safe drinking water from the air. The Warka Water, as it is called is an off-the-grid bamboo tower, which could, according to the developers, collect an annual average of 26.4 US gallons of water per day. This would make it ideal for deployment in undeveloped regions of Africa and elsewhere, which is what they are planning on doing.

The finished Warka Water will be 33 feet high (10 m) and weigh around 132 pounds (60 kg). On site, it will require eight guide ropes to secure it to the ground. The tower is constructed using bamboo, which is woven into a lightweight structure. On the interior side a plastic mesh is attached to this structure, which is capable of retaining water droplets from fog. These droplets, as well as dew and rainfall will be deposited in a collector and a large tank, thereby providing a steady supply of drinking water.



The Warka Water will also be equipped with a canopy to give shade to the people drawing the water collected in it. To keep the birds away, the designers will install a set of rotating mirrors which they believe will be sufficient to keep them away. This tower will be capable of producing water without the use of electricity, while the actual structure is so easy to make that, with proper guidance, 6 people can make in in just 4 days. On-site assembly of a prefabricated tower, on the other hand, should take four people only three hours to complete, and they would not need any cranes or other machinery to do it.


The developers claim the structure will last for at least 10 years with proper maintenance, and it will cost around $1000 to construct. This is certainly a possible solution for the water crisis in Africa, especially if the claims the company is making turn out to be true. Here is the link to the campaign if you wish to learn more: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/366225655/warka-water-each-drop-counts.