This beautiful and sustainable home is located in the middle of a lychee garden in China. It was designed and built by the UK furniture design company Timothy Oulton. The dome was constructed using FSC-certified and reclaimed wood and serves as a relaxing retreat for the brand’s designers wishing to escape the hectic city life and replenish their creative stores surrounded by nature.

Dome Home was built in accordance to the stringent Passive House standards, and the designers claim that only the equivalent of boiling a kettle of water is needed to heat or cool its interior. The home is also fitted with triple-glazed windows, while the walls are very well-insulated to further keep the costs and energy expenditure down.

Construction of Dome Home proved quite challenging, since very precise engineering was required. Timothy Oulton hired a UK-based firm to oversee the construction. The home was built out of 80 prefabricated timber panels, which had to be cut very accurately so that the walls of the home could fit together seamlessly. The exterior shell of the home is entirely self-supporting meaning that they did not need to install any support pillars inside.

Due to this, the interior is one open space, with a set of stairs leading up to a mezzanine level. The spiral staircase is also made of reclaimed wood. The interior of the dome was fitted with custom designed furniture, which was made locally in China. The interior is furnished as a cozy office space, with armchairs and sofas, though this could easily also be furnished as a home or a cabin. The mezzanine level is spacious enough for a bedroom, while the ground floor makes for a unique lounging and dining area. And it also already features a modern, fully-equipped kitchen.