Times are hard and they’re not getting better very fast, so a lot of people are forced to find alternate ways of making money. One way is certainly renting out your home or a portion of it, and one of the more creative ways of doing this is certainly this conversion of a laundry boiler room into a guesthouse in San Francisco. The conversion was done by architect Christi Azevedo of Azevedo Design. The owners will now be renting it out via AirBnB and similar services.


The laundry and boiler room was built back in 1916, and it is tiny indeed, measuring only 92 square feet with a footprint of 8′-2″ x 11′-6″ feet. To make the most of the available space, Azevedo added a mezzanine level, which is supported by the original structure’s existing roof beams. This level is where the bedroom and bathroom are located.