Spark Architects has come up with a unique urban farm concept called Homefarm, which is primarily aimed at improving the health and life of seniors at a Singapore retirement home. Homefarm is an aquaponic system, which is easy to manage and therefore ideal for seniors to work on.

According to the architects, the greatest potential of Homefarm lies in its ability to bring together two realms that are normally kept separate, namely the accommodation of seniors with urban farming. Singapore has an ageing population, as do most developed countries across the globe, and it imports more than 90 percent of its food. When employed, the Homefarm concept would take care of both of these issues at the same time.

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Homefarm is a vertical aquaponic farm, in which the plants would be fertilized by the waste produced by fish also farmed alongside the vegetation. The farm would allow for rooftop soil and ground-level planting of vegetables. The retirement home would also have a rainwater collection system in place to use in the aquaponic farm, while plant waste would also be harvested with the aim of using it for biomass energy generation. The entire farm would be designed to accommodate the special needs of the retirees, and the latter would run it under the instruction of a professional team.