The home is fitted with a 4,500 kWh solar array which provides all the needed electrical power for the home. The house is, however, not equipped with a battery array so it still needs to be connected to the power grid. While the home does not have a Passivhaus certification, it still has a very modest heat energy consumption of only 15.05 kWh/square meter.

The home is also equipped with a rainwater harvesting system, with the water thus collected fed into two 264 gallon (1000 L) water tanks, which is then used to flush the toilet and water the garden.

The majority of El Refugio Inteligente’s appliances can be controlled, set and monitored using a smartphone. This includes the raising and lowering of blinds, which helps regulate passive heat gain. Also, the phone’s GPS data signals the heating system to turn on 20 minutes prior to the residents’ arrival on cold days.

The HVAC unit is also connected to the Internet, and automatically adjusts itself based on the local weather report. All these settings can also be controlled manually and remotely, provided the owners have Internet access.