To celebrate the shipping container origins of the house, most of the exterior walls will be left in their original condition. In general, not much will be done to hide the raw materials from which the home was built. This includes bare concrete floors, an exposed steel structure, pre-manufactured steel modules, masonry, glass and more.





The home was also designed with several energy saving features in mind. For example, the home features many overhangs and porches, which work to shield windows from direct sunlight and reduce energy costs. At the same time, the large windows still let in plenty of natural daylight and offer great ventilation.

The roof deck has a dual purpose, since it also serves as a solar screen to the insulated single-ply membrane roof under it. This works to reduce energy costs, while also extending the life span of the roof itself. The home also features a high performance heating and air-conditioning system and is equipped with low water consumption plumbing fixtures.

Construction is still underway, but it is expected to be completed in early 2015.