The design firm B-ILD recently renovated an old, World War II bunker into a cozy underground hotel, which is also super safe and could protect the inhabitants from most apocalyptic or cataclysmic events. The bunker tiny apartment is located in Fort Vuren in the Netherlands, and was originally created as part of an advertising campaign, which involved renting it out for the holidays to the winning family. But they are now keeping it open to rent out to the general public as well.

The bunker only measures 100 square feet, and has a six foot ceiling. The architects solved this space problem by designing everything in the apartment to either fold up, slide away, or be pushed up or down. All the furniture was custom made, and all the pieces of furniture also have a double function. For example, the stools are, apart from their primary use, also used as a night stand, a coffee table and a step.

The main room of the bunker acts as the main living area, as well as a bedroom. The bunker can sleep up to four people comfortably. The kitchen was placed into an existing recess in the wall, as was the bathroom. They left the interior walls of the bunker in the original condition, which ads to the charm, and makes it easy to imagine you are actually tucked in safely in a bunker when you stay here.





To extend the living area of this retreat, the architects also installed a deck, which is located a few feet from the bunker itself. This deck can be used for lounging, sunbathing, and storage. Its perimeter is exactly the same as the outer circumference of the bunker. The deck was also made of wooden boards of the same type and size as those used to construct the concrete walls of the bunker.