There’s nothing quite like being able to just move house on a whim, but traditional RVs can get quite expensive. This might have been one of the reasons why couple Julien and Pico decided to convert a yellow school bus into a comfy and quite spacious mobile home. Their bus home is currently located a bio-dynamic farm with cows, chickens, horses and plenty of forest along a river, but they hope to one day buy their own plot of land on which to park it.

The interior design of the bus was inspired by the cabin in the woods, which they once lived in for a brief period. They started the conversion by first stripping all the seats from the inside of the bus and sanding down the wooden floor. Next they lined the interior with wood, which also provides some much needed insulation. One of the best things about converting a school bus into a home is the multitude of windows that already come with it. The owners of this mobile home has a bit of trouble making them air tight at the beginning, but have since solved this problem. To get more light into the home, they also installed a few roof windows, which are encased in chimney-like wooden structures. These make it obvious at first glance that this is not just a regular yellow school bus.



Their new home is equipped with many modern luxuries such as a gas stove (and oven), a full-sized fridge, a washer/dryer, an on-demand hot water heater, and electric heaters. They also have a bathroom with a shower, a spacious kitchen and living area, which is large enough to fit a comfy love seat. The bedroom area is located at the far end of the bus and is comprised of a sizable bed, which takes up almost the entire width of the bus. The result is a very modern and sleek home on wheels, which looks pretty much exactly like a forest cabin from the inside.