The Dutch firm 2by4 Architects recently launched a line of unique tiny prefab homes, which can serve a variety of purposes, such as a vacation home, office guest room and more. They can also be taken off the grid, and could actually be used for a permanent residence too.

The company will offer three models. The so-called Chalet Aida is the smallest and measures only 226 sq. ft. (21 sq. m.). Despite its modest size, it is still quite spacious inside, since it has a double-height living room and a large glass front façade, which slides open all the way. It has a lofted bedroom are which can sleep two people and is accessible via ladder. In the downstairs area there is a living room and kitchen, along with some storage space. The kitchen comes equipped with a fridge, sink, and a two-burner electric stove, while there is also a small bathroom area with a toilet and shower.



The company also offers two slightly larger models, namely the Chalet Tosca and Chalet Nabucco, which measure 319 sq. ft. (39 sq. m.) and 516 sq. ft. (48 sq. m.). The design is similar to the Chalet Aida, though instead of a lofted bedroom, these two have a full mezzanine area.



All of these are made entirely out of wood, while the windows are double-glazed. The basic version has white painted walls, though future owners can customize this according to their wishes. The company also claims they can use a variety of different material for insulating the home, according to the climate in which it will ultimately be deployed. The cabins are also equipped with an electric heat pump system for heating and cooling, while the add on, off-grid options include solar panels, composting toilet, and a rainwater catchment system.

The fully equipped Chalet Aida costs €75,000 ($95,570), while the Chalet Nabucco costs €85,000 ($108,314). The tiny homes can also be extended in length, which costs €5,000 ($6,371) per 4 ft. (1.2 m), while the bare shell can be purchased for less than the above prices.