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A net-zero apartment complex was recently opened in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, NY. The construction of this sustainable building was put on hold by hurricane Sandy, which hit when the building was already under construction. According to Robert Scarano, the architect who designed the Bright ’n Green project, as it is called, did not suffer major damage, and the net-zero building was able to supply power to the neighborhood via extension cords during the aftermath of Sandy.


The building features a number of sustainable technologies, which allow it to generate enough power to take care of the occupants’ needs and sell some back to the grid. To achieve this, the building was fitted with a roof top mounted solar panel array and features an EarthLinked Technologies geothermal system. In the future, they also plan to install wind turbines, though even without this technology, the building will have a monthly electricity bill of minus $6,000, according to Scarano.

But that’s not it for the sustainable features this building can boast of. The apartments are all fitted with hardwood floors reclaimed from disused shipping containers, from which I hope the toxic pesticides were thoroughly removed. The units are also equipped with highly efficient appliances as well as an advanced air filtration and ventilation system. All the countertops in the apartments are made by IceStone, which is a local Brooklyn company that uses recycled glass in their products.

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