Studio Gang Architects of Chicago recently released a series of early pictures of a new LEED Gold project that they are designing. The residential building will be built in the Buena Vista neighborhood of Miami, FL by 2016 and it will feature a number of sustainable and eco-friendly technologies, which the architects plan to meet the standards of a LEED Gold certification. The design itself is also pretty futuristic in its own right.


The 14-story building will be made up of 76 residential units and have a total floor space of 160,000 square feet. The 76 apartments will vary in sizes and will all have great views of the beautiful Biscayne Bay. The units will feature a small balcony, while the complex will also have a communal lounge and a rooftop swimming pool. The ground floor will be rented out as retail space.


The complex will also feature a very interesting façade, which is the result of Studio Gang’s guiding principle of exo-spatial high-rise design, which is based on striving to create buildings in which the inside extends to the outside in a dynamic spatial arrangement.


The complex will also be very energy efficient and sustainable. The designers plan to install solar shading, and a rainwater collection system, among other things, which they have yet to reveal. Since they are aiming for the LEED Gold status the building will likely feature a number of other energy efficient and environmentally-friendly features, which could make this building one of the most sustainable multi-unit buildings in the country.

Going forward in facing the energy crisis, it is important that cities become home to more environmentally friendly dwellings, so it’s nice to see such projects already underway across the country and the world. Hopefully more such projects will be announced in the future and we will keep you posted on how this one proceeds.