Building homes using 3D printing technology is still a new idea, but one day it could well become one of the top construction solutions. Especially if the technology keeps developing at such a fast pace. The most recent successfully completed 3D printing project is a small concrete castle created by US-based Andrey Rudenko. He built the intricate structure in his backyard by using a large 3D printer that he made himself. His next project is printing a whole house.


The castle measures 3 x 5 m (10 x 16 ft.) and is 3.5 m (12 ft.) high and it took him 2 months to print and build, all told. The main body of the castle was printed as a single unit, while the turrets were printed separately. His 3D printer created strips of concrete measuring 10 x 30 mm (0.4 x 1.1 in.), which Andrey then layered one atop the other and fashioned into a castle. His printer prints at a rate of 50 cm (19.6 in.) per 8 hours and the printing could have been done quicker, had Andrey not experimented with printer’s settings to test its abilities and ensure the final product was of a good quality,



Next, Andrey plans to use all he learned from printing the castle and translate it into printing a two-story home. The home will include a fireplace, kitchen island, staircase foundation, interior walls, columns, and more, which he plans to print all in one piece. He has not yet finalized the plans for the house, but says that the printer could be able to print a home measuring up to 50-100 m (164 – 328 ft.) long. Since this house will be built for experimental purposes, he plans to use the opportunity of building it to test the limits of his 3D printer.

According to Andrey, the main issue with this type of construction is obtaining the necessary building permits. But once the technology advances to the point where it can be used on a larger scale, the legislature will likely follow too.