The first net-zero home from Deltec Homes’ Renew Collection is under construction months after the line launched. The home was prefabricated at their manufacturing facility in Asheville, NC and shipped to Virginia. It will feature passive solar design, solar panels with battery backup, a double stud wall and mineral wool insulation.

double stud wall

New homeowner, Marie DeVerneil, a professor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County – as well as an organic farmer, member of the sustainability movement at UMBC, and mother of a LEED architect and oceanographer – was adamant on building a home that was as fossil fuel free as possible.

Not only does this mark the first net-zero home of the new collection, but the rectangular shape of the Ridgeline model chosen by DeVerneil was new territory for Deltec – who is best known for their round homes.

In response to higher demand for more energy efficient homes, Deltec launched the Renew Collection in late 2013. Steve Linton, president of Deltec and LEED accredited professional, is confident the demand will grow as codes become stricter and people become more cautious of the environment and energy use.

RidgelineB image1

The collection has six models – some round, some traditional – with three more slated to launch later this year. Each home is designed to reduce energy consumption by two-thirds in comparison to an average home. The remaining one-third can be powered with renewable energy, making yearly energy use net-zero.

To date, Deltec has nearly 20 homes from the Renew Collection scheduled to be delivered by mid-2015.

Information directly from the friendly crew at Deltec Homes. This is not a paid post.

Information about Deltec Homes:

Deltec Homes is an award-winning prefabricated home manufacturer based out of Asheville, N.C. Founded in 1968, Deltec offers round, traditional and modern prefabricated home kits that are best known for their energy efficiency, flexible floor plans, hurricane and high wind resistance.

They pride themselves on manufacturing their homes sustainably in a production plant that is powered with 100 percent renewable energy. Their focus is to minimize waste and improve the environment while providing customers with the strongest homes possible.

To learn more about Deltec Homes or the Renew Collection, please visit www.deltechomes.com or contact Rachel Britton at 800-642-2508 or, email Rachel at [email protected]