Cove Park is a cluster of buildings that can be used as retreats by artists of all media. It is located on the west coast of Scotland and was built out of recycled shipping containers. The complex stretches over 50 acres of beautiful, natural terrain, and all the shipping container units with a layer of grass to provide insulation and make them seem as one with the surrounding countryside.


The Cove Park retreat was developed by the architecture firm Urban Space Management, and consists of 9 units equipped to provide a cozy, peaceful place in which artists can work. The whole complex was completed in only 6 days, due to the ease of using shipping containers as the main building material. One side of each container was replaced by large sliding doors, which provide awesome views of the lake Loch Long, as well as let plenty of natural daylight into the homes. The first three units were built in 2002 and due to their success, six more were added later.


The original three units were welded together in a line in front of a small pond. Each of the shipping container units also has its own private deck, while the original loading doors of the containers were used to separate them off and offer the occupants some privacy. The units also have several porthole windows dotting the sides, which let in even more light, as well as give the units a more homely appearance. There is also a separate communal area with a domed ceiling, where artists in residence can interact.


Inside, the units are simply and functionally decorated. There is a large living area with a sofa and comfortable workspace, while the units also have ensuite bathrooms. Space in the retreat is awarded based on a residency program, so it is, unfortunately impossible to rent any of them. All in all, however, it is a great, eco-friendly place to work and create and I’m sure the natural environment has inspired many a masterpiece to date.