The Hong Kong-based architecture firm OVA Studio recently unveiled their plans for a so-called Hive-Inn, which is a hotel build from shipping containers. Their plans call for a structure, which can be added to or removed from by simply adding or removing the shipping container units at need, and in relation to current demand. Apart from serving as a hotel, the project would also have other applications, such as emergency relief housing or medical care units. In other words, the shipping container rooms can be shipped to any location and used for a variety of purposes.

The backbone of the hotel is formed by an innovative metal frame, which allows the shipping container units to be placed into it in a balanced way. The finished hotel would resemble a hive, which is where the project got its name. A crane, positioned on top of the structure, would be able to lift the pre-fabricated containers and slot them into place. The structure would have a core frame that would connect the removable containers, while there would also be a series of permanent ‘plant rooms’ which would provide garden spaces in between layers of the removable containers.