One of the problems faced by anyone trying to live a simple and sustainable life is certainly trying to conserve as much water as possible without sacrificing hygiene. Enter the SpaTap, which is an incredibly simple and ingenious solution to taking a shower or washing your hands off-the-grid. All that it needs to work is a plastic water bottle, which is a widely available item, to which you attach the SpaTap for water efficient showers, hand washes or food preparation.


The SpaTap is meant to be slipped over the neck of a plastic water bottle, and then hung up using a cord. Once the plug is removed from the side, the SpaTap acts just like a shower, since the water from the bottle flows through its perforated head. In other words, the SpaTap and water bottle together produce a sink or shower, making it a great item to have in your car, on your camping trip or in your diaper bag.


The great thing about the SpaTap is that it upcycles one of the biggest problems of the modern world: the plastic bottle. Another great plus is that it allows for water efficiency. When using bottled water to wash your hands, for example, it is very easy to use about half the bottle on a single hand wash. With the SpaTap that will not be a problem anymore. The SpaTap makers maintain that a half gallon bottle of water is enough for 3 showers or 20 hand washes. The SpaTap showerhead is also built to last since it is made of “medical grade silicone,” which also has anti bacterial and anti microbial properties. This makes it safe to use for food preparation and for drinking.

The designers of the SpaTap are currently raising funds to begin the production of this ingenious device over on Kickstarter. A pledge of about $17 can get you an early bird SpaTap. The launch is set for November 2014 and the device will only cost about $25.