The LEED Platinum for homes rating is quite rare. In fact, the recently completed Italian BioCasa 82 is the first home in Europe to receive this high rating. BioCasa82 was designed by the Italian firm Rosario Picciotto Architects and constructed by Welldom, a company that specializes in green building. It is located in Montebelluna, a town near Venice, Italy.

BioCasa 82 is a two-story private residence, which measures 484 square meters (5,209 square feet). It was built from 99 percent recyclable materials, meaning that, should it ever be demolished, it will not end up in a landfill. Other building materials used were FSC Certified wood imported from Germany, natural silicate plaster, stone floors quarried in nearby Padua, as well as locally-sourced concrete.


The home gets 100 percent of its energy from renewable sources. It features a photovoltaic rooftop array, which produces about 14kWh of electricity, as well as an efficient geothermal heat pump system, which takes care of the heating, cooling and hot water needs. The home is also equipped with a rainwater catchment system, which provides 100 percent of the household and irrigation water needs. The house consumes less than 30 kW per square meter of energy per year.

The home also features large windows, which let in plenty of daylight. It is also equipped with a highly efficient ventilation system that ensures the air indoors is fresh and free of mold, bacteria, pollen, and dust. The facade is fitted with a brise soleil, while the downstairs living area features large glass doors, shaded only by sheer white curtains. All this lessens the barrier between the indoor and outdoor areas.





Among other measurements, a carbon footprint analysis of BioCasa82’s energy performance was also made. According to this analysis the home’s harmful emissions are 60 percent lower than those of a traditional building as calculated for a lifetime of 100 years. The home scored 117 out of 136 points in the LEED testing, which the architects believe is due to its rural location.