4. The Tim Palen Studio at Shadow Mountain


This container home was built in the Mojave Desert near Joshua Tree, California. It was made from six repurposed shipping containers, while it also features a number of other green elements, such as a living roof, a steel shade system, and a 10,000 gallon water storage tank. The house measures 2,300 square feet and has one bedroom, 1.5 bathrooms, and a studio.

5. Studio by Maziar Behrooz Architecture


This 840-square-foot home was designed by Maziar Behrooz Architecture to serve as a studio located next to the client’s main residence in the Hamptons on Long Island, New York. The studio is built out of two recycled shipping containers, which they painted a dark charcoal that matches the main house and also allows the studio to blend into the forest surroundings.

6. Adam Kalkin New Jersey Container House


This cool shipping container home, designed by architect Adam Kalkin and built in Califon, New Jersey is separated into two parts, with a nice garden in between. The larger half is made of 6 repurposed shipping containers. The smaller half is made of just three shipping containers, which rest atop a concrete slab. The designers cut away most of the loading doors of the containers and replaced them with large windows to allow the maximum amount of daylight to enter the home. Other than that, the containers were left in more or less the original state, while the industrial look is also continued in the concrete floor, and steel beams and columns that can be found throughout the home. The designers also fitted the home with fir flooring and mahogany doors, which ensures that the home blends into the forest surrounding more easily.