Architect Karel Verstraeten recently helped a Belgian couple turn a discarded construction trailer into a cozy office that can also serve a number of other functions. The couple purchased the construction trailer for a mere $20, effectively salvaging it from a local junkyard. This refitting and conversion shows another (and very affordable) way in which disused trailers and containers can easily be turned into something that will continue to be useful for years to come.

The owners wanted to turn the trailer into a small dwelling that they could use for either studying, resting or partying. They enlisted the service of a local farmer to help them haul the trailer to their back garden. Once in place, the existing structure was first completely stripped back and replaced with new materials. They covered the exterior using oak wood. The only break in the paneling is a large, circular window, which protrudes from the house and lets in ample light. It also offers great views of the surrounding area.



They opted for a rounded roof, and carried over the rounded shape to the inside using plywood to create the curved edges of the walls. The interior was fitted with flexible shelving that is integrated into the layout of the trailer and can double as shelving or tables. The interior of the trailer is also large enough to fit a bed, if needed.



The owners currently use the space primarily as an office and reading nook. They left the trailer mounted on wheels, which means it can be hauled anywhere, and used as a cabin. On the whole, this is a great example of how easily a tiny dwelling can be build. This office pod still needs many amenities to make it a true tiny house, but as an office, reading room or even guesthouse it can’t be beat. The wooden exterior and clever bent roof also give this converted trailer an aesthetically pleasing appearance, which further adds to its value.