When traveling to remote areas, charging your phone or tablet can be quite a hassle. But the portable solar charger SunJack, which was created by Harold Tan, can make this problem go away. The solar charger is also a great emergency kit addition for off-the-grid travel. SunJack is very portable, as it folds up to the size of an iPad. The creator will also be donating a part of the sales to help give the villagers in Papua New Guinea healthy, access to non-toxic lighting, since in these areas the people still use lighting that is quite hazardous.


The SunJack solar charger is available in two models, namely 14W and 20W. Both of these feature a removable lithium-polymer battery pack, which can charge two devices while being recharged itself. The 14W model is available with a single 8,000mAh battery, which takes 5 hours to fully charge. The 20W model comes with two of these same batteries, which of course offers much more charging power and can fill up several gadgets.

The SunJack also comes with a proprietary USB port. According to the developer, they have found a way to optimize filling up the battery from sunlight. More precisely, the SunJack is capable of getting more electrons to flow into the battery faster than any solar charger available on the market today. Tan also claims that users will get charging speeds equal to those available from a wall outlet.

The solar panels of the SunJack are sewn into a foldable carrying case, which also has space to hold the batteries. The panels are constructed from mono-crystalline solar cells with efficiency of around 19%. The larger, 20W model weighs 2.7lbs, and measures 8.5” x 12” x 1.75” when folded up.




Tan is currently looking for backers on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. He’s looking to raise $33,000 to begin mass production of SunJack units. The 20W SunJack will probably retail for $250, but backers can get it for $169. Backers can also choose to gift one of the chargers, or an LED light bulb to Papua New Guinea villagers.