Eco Lodge is a modern cabin in the Australian bushland, built entirely of local and recycled materials and with a number of renewable energy features. The house was designed by the firm Hare + Klein.

The house is located in the village of Coledale, and built mostly from locally produced and recycled wood. It is heated by an under-floor geothermal heating system that uses a heat pump to provide heating for the home. The home is also fitted with several wood-burning fireplaces to maintain the indoor temperature without the use of fossil fuels. The geothermal system is also connected to a high performance hot water cylinder that provides the hot water for the household.

Eco Lodge features only LED and T5 fluorescent lamps, which save up to 80 per cent in energy. The designers were also able to use fewer light fittings through the use of wall uplighters. These were placed in such a way as to illuminate the walls and reflect light off the ceilings.

The house was fitted with double-glazed windows and solar shading to preserve energy. These measures are enough to keep the house cool during the summer and warm during the winter, eliminating the need for any additional climate control technology, such as air-conditioning.

The furniture is produced from minimally treated willow and silver birch. The cabinets in the kitchen and the furniture in the living room were all made by local GECA-rated (Good Environmental Choice Australia) furniture makers, who used local timber and recycled materials. All the timber used within the house is also either recycled or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.

The staircase in the lodge features a balustrade that is made from reclaimed Australian hardwoods. The shelving and joinery in the house is made from Tasmanian oak veneer that is finished with non-toxic plant-based oils.

The lodge was also designed in a way that connects the interior spaces with the surrounding landscape, thereby effectively tying it with nature. Eco Lodge has been shortlisted in The Interior Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) 2014 Sustainable Project category.





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