The company Pumpmakers has developed an innovative, sustainable water pump, called NSP Solar Pump. Their main aim in developing this water pump was to alleviate the effects of the water crisis in the many areas of the world where people still have no access to clean water. The NSP Solar Pump is a maintenance-free water pump which is fully powered by solar energy, is inexpensive to construct and can be manufactured locally anywhere in the world. Furthermore, the NSP Solar Pump system can also be installed as a replacement for existing water pumps, such as hand pumps, diesel generator-powered pumps, or windmill pumps.

The NSP Solar Pump is designed to use only renewable solar energy as its power source, and has no running costs. It is capable of pumping water from a depth of up to 300 feet, even on overcast days, while it also comes with a hand pump attachment for pumping water at night. The pump is also resistant to salt water and corrosion, and is made from high-quality maintenance-free materials. To encourage local economic development in the areas where this pump will afford the biggest benefits, the entire pump is designed so that it can be easily assembled using local skills, labor and parts. A prototype of the NSP Solar Pump has already been installed in a small village in Mozambique. It has been consistently delivering 5000 liters (1300 gallons) of water per day from an 80 meters deep well since 2012. This amount of water is able to supply 800 villagers with clean drinking water.


The company is currently raising funds to launch their innovative, DIY, sustainable water pump. They are doing so through a crowdfunding campaign on Indie Go Go, where they hope to raise $300,000. According to Pumpmakers, a single pump system currently costs almost $14,000 to construct. However, if they reach their funding goal, they will be able to begin serial production of the components needed to construct the pump, which will reduce the costs by at least 60%. If the funding goal is reached, the company will also give anyone interested the access to the construction plans and instructional videos for how to build their own NSP Solar Pump. In this way, any interested parties, such as private individuals and NGOs, will be able to easily construct and install them wherever a water source is needed.