JAYZ Building Solutions of Melbourne Australia have come up with an innovative solution for providing modular, prefab homes. They have recently launched the fully transportable InstantSlide house model, which is part of the company’s latest series of SMART2 (Superfast + Modular + Affordable + Robust + Transportable) accommodation buildings. Most of their designs cater to companies wishing to provide temporary housing for their staff on remote locations, such as on mining sites for example, while they also provide single-family modular homes.


The InstantSlide home is designed based on the measurements of a 20-foot or 40 foot container, and can therefore be transported worldwide just as simply as a standard container. Once the package arrives on site, the model can be assembled into a temporary or permanent home, or even used as an extension on an existing structure. All it takes for the InstantSlide to be assembled on site is the push of a button on a remote control and the assembly takes less than a minute.

The InstantSlide House can measure either 25 square meters or 50 square meters, and can house from two to four people. On site, the modular home can be unloaded by using a forklift or crane, or via a self-discharging truck. The InstantSlide house has a 50-year lifetime and is built to comply with all Australian building codes, as well as electrical and plumbing standards.

The InstantSlide house is built using a steel structure that is able to withstand D2-rated cyclones. The structure is seam welded, and includes a steel sheet external wall and roof cladding with a marine paint finish. The house is fully insulated using rock wool. Bamboo flooring is installed throughout the house, resting atop a termite treated marine grade ply base on a structural steel sub-frame. To create an effective thermal barrier, the house is also fitted with double glazed aluminum windows. The home also has a minimum 5 star energy efficiency rating.

The house comes with a pre-installed bathroom and kitchen cabinets, and are hard wired for television lighting, television, telephone and the internet. The InstantSlide model also has a number of optional features, such as a solar powered heat pump, hot water unit or an AC unit. JAYZ Building solutions also make modular homes of larger sizes up to 82 square meters, though those cannot be assembled at the push of a button.