Gregory Kloehn, an artist and designer from California, has transformed a new dumpster into a small home, which is fully functional and can house 2 people. He purchased the container for $2,000 and converted it to include a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and even a sun deck. One of the main reasons why he decided to create a tiny home from a dumpster was because it seemed to him perfectly shaped to become a house. The dumpster home is located in Brooklyn, NY, but it is also mounted on wheels and can be transported anywhere on a whim. Gregory lives in it when he visits New York.

Gregory began the conversion of the dumpster into a home by first cutting out a custom entrance into the side of the container. He then insulated the inside of the dumpster with padding and fitted a small sitting area inside it. The living area doubles as the bedroom, while there is storage space built into the sitting area. One corner of the dumpster is taken up by a small kitchen with a sink, a microwave, and a small stove which is powered by a propane tank.




He fitted a six-gallon water tank on the roof of the dumpster, which provides the occupant with drinking water. Water from the tank is also funneled into the tiny toilet, which is revealed when lifting one of the panels that make up the sitting/sleeping area of the home. The water tank is also hooked up to an outdoor shower.


The roof of the dumpster home is retractable and can be lifted to reveal two windows, letting in natural light. There is also a small grill attached to the outside of the home, and there is a sun deck installed on the roof. All told, Gregory spent around $4,000 on creating his dumpster home.


While this is quite a novel idea for a container home, a dumpster can only really be used as a dwelling if it is purchased new. It would likely be impossible to sanitize a used dumpster enough to allow for human habitation.

The dumpster home is currently parked on the property of Pioneerworks, an arts center in Red Hook, Brooklyn. On this same site, Gregory is also currently working on a larger project, which involves welding together four storage containers which will become a bar, restaurant, sound studio and living quarters.