Casa CorManca is a sustainable home that was designed by Paul Cremoux Studio and is located in Mexico City, where sustainable construction has yet to make a significant impact on some of the world’s worst urban air pollution levels. Cremoux says that many of his clients do not yet realize the importance of a sustainable design strategy in heavily-populated city that is located in a hot, dry desert climate.


Behind a stoic slate facade, a three-story vertical garden is the centerpiece of sustainability features and is capable of moderating internal temperatures, improving air quality, creating humidity, and absorbing 267 kg of carbon dioxide per year. Beyond the practicality and beauty of the green wall, which is made up of over 4,000 plants, Cremoux has designed it to act as a light curtain, as demonstrated in a artful video animation of the home


With a site that is only 39’ x 42’, Cremoux has created a spacious floor plan that provides ample living space and green features that include the use of recyclable content materials and VOC paint, cross ventilation, daylighting, and passive energy-temperature control strategies. Heat is controlled by three heat exhaustion chimneys.