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Michelle de la Vega’s 250 square foot home has become a pretty popular sight for green design enthusiasts and architects. What used to be a standard outdoor garage has been renovated into a tiny home that accommodates three people and contains a variety of eco-friendly features.

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The idea to renovate the garage came about when Michelle purchased the new home and realized it was going to be a challenge to meet the mortgage payment each month. Rather than picking up a second shift somewhere, she opted to rent out the main house and convert the outdoor garage into a space that’s just right for her lifestyle.

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With no help from an architect or contractor, Michelle’s one-woman show renovated the bathroom, laid down bamboo flooring, spruced up the light fixtures, hauled debris offsite, and repurposed the furnishings to transform it from a garage into a home. The space also consists of a 82-square-foot bathroom, upstairs loft bedroom area, and a small living room with a foldout bed. Her sleek design aesthetic makes it hard to believe through photos that this space is less than 300 square feet.

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Interested in renovating a small space like this? Michelle has had so many people asking to do this to their home or garage that she actually sells her plans and layouts. Check out her website for more information and to see what she’s creating next.