Allies Farmhouse is a renovation of structures on a former military base that was used by the United States Air Force 381st Bombardment Group during World War II when it was known as airbase RAF Ridgewell. Farmers James and Claudia Grey enlisted Cameron Scott from Timber Design to transform the single-story public building and the one-and-a-half story housing area into a sustainable home on their farm. Doors and windows are from Rationel doors and windows.


Joined by two walkways that create a courtyard play area for the couple’s three children, the renovation utilized Douglas Fir timbers with steel tension rods, incorporating sustainable features such as natural ventilation, a ground source heat pump, solar thermal system with a 40-kilowatt  photovoltaic array, and a biomass system. Timber-based products that were used in the renovation included the floor and roof deck, flooring, cladding and joinery, membranes, and insulation.

Optimization of the building’s thermal comfort and performance was achieved through the use of dynamic thermal modeling concepts in the orientation of glazing, floor construction, and roof overhangs. Heat recovery loops have been designed and laid out to achieve an average 4.6 coefficient of performance on the heating side.

Allies Farmhouse was the winner of the Best Timber Frame Home and the Best Interior awards at the 2012 Daily Telegraph Homebuilding & Renovating Awards. It is currently undergoing post-construction monitoring to establish post-occupancy performance, with the possibility of attaining PassivHaus standards.











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