d process 1

Facit Homes has patented the D-Process, a high-tech machine that turns a 3D computer model of a home into functional pieces that can be snapped together to build an entire house directly on-site.

With the help of D-Process, the company designs detailed pieces of each home on a computer and cuts them on a CNC router, and the result is plywood pieces that are light and easy to assemble right at the site. This maintains a quick process for homes that easily snap together with minimal costs and waste.

Each home also has a thermal envelope that seals in heat and energy. There are also options for solar thermal systems and solar panels, depending on the specific site and requirements.

The D-Process is in the running for a 2013 Index Award, which is part of an organization that seeks to provide sustainable solutions to design and lifestyle challenges.


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For more information and photos on homes that have been built with the help of D-Process, visit facit-homes.com.