This week in Jetson Green Energy News, we’re celebrating the 13th birthday of LEED, reporting on renewable energy in Germany, Australia, and the United States, talking about why incandescent bulb sales are declining, and checking out a molten salt thermal plant (a what?) in Nevada. Plus, our calendar of upcoming green events keeps on growing, especially with Earth Day just around the corner.

Happy Birthday LEED

Happy Birthday LEED!

On March 30, 2013, it was thirteen years since LEED became a fully functioning rating system. There are now more than 184,000 professionals with LEED credentials and 9.7 billion square feet of 51,000 construction projects are participating in LEED. Each day, over 1.5 million square feet are certified LEED. Get more LEED facts and trivia from the U.S. Green Building Council and check out LEED projects on Jetson Green.

Estimates for 2013 World Wind Power Top 300,000 Megawatts

CleanTechnica reviews figures from the world’s installations of wind power and estimates that, worldwide, we’ll have over 300,000 MW of power from wind this year, with expectations of around 425,000 MW by 2015.

Germany Has Quadrupled its Electricity Surplus

The clean energy revolution in Germany has resulted in significant surpluses of electricity, whose omestic energy consumers pay surcharges on electricity to fund green energy incentives.

Australia Competes with Germany in Solar Pricing

While one out of every three solar panels worldwide is in Germany, Australia has them beat in their pricing of solar PV systems. A 3 kW PV system is around $2.85 USD/W after backing out federal-level Australian subsidies, while a study from University of New South Wales shows that “a carbon price of between $50 and $100 per tonne would make Australia’s coal- and gas-fired electricity less economical than renewable electricity.”

U.S. Solar System Prices Dropped 27% Last Year

U.S. solar installation figures for 2012, just released by the Solar Energies Industries Association (SEIA) show that 3313 megawatts of solar power came online in the United States, an increase of 76 percent over 2011. PV system prices dropped by 27% and almost 83,000 home installed solar.

Sales of Specialty Incandescent Light Bulbs are on the Decline

In spite of the fact that they are exempt from efficiency standards, the sales of incandescents is decreasing, perhaps due to a broader transformation of the lighting market.

Crescent Dunes May be World’s Largest Molten Salt Thermal Plant

Molten salt thermal technology is being used to harvest renewable energy at the Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Plant in Nevada. Molten salt flows through receiver panels in the recently completed 540-foot tower to retain solar energy in the form of heat from the sun.

Mark Your Calendars for these Upcoming Green Events

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