Shortly after returning from Italy, where he was project manger on several villa rehabilitations, to St. Louis, Missouri, developer Patrick Barnidge has started  his own firm, Delsa Development, under which he has proposed a mixed-use container structure.

To be built on a Land Reutilization Authority (LRA) city-owned lot in the Grove area of Forest Park Southeast (FPSE), where a condemned single-family home was demolished in 2000, it will be the first appearance of recycled shipping container architecture in St. Louis, and has already garnered support from the FPSE Development Committee. The next phase requires endorsement from Joe Roddy, Alderman of the 17th Ward, to purchase the lot.


Designed by architect Anthony Duncan, the proposed multi-use, three-story building will utilize ten shipping containers, four of which will make up the first floor that will be designated for retail space. The second floor can be used for retail or office space, and the third floor will house a residential apartment. Each of the top two floors will be made of three shipping containers that create a covered plaza by projecting over the first floor.


Duncan is designing another shipping container structure for a St. Louis homeowner in the Dutchtown neighborhood, with construction expected to start in Fall 2013.