Young members of the HASSELL design firm have partnered with the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival to bring the story of coffee production to the Red Stairs public amphitheater on the banks of the River Yarra in Queensbridge Square. The Australian festival, which runs from March 1 to 17, 2013, is celebrating its twentieth year of annual and year-round events that spotlight local food and beverage venues, as well as local agriculture and outdoor markets.


The Urban Coffee Farm and Brew Bar project will bring in 120 coffee trees to the Red Stairs location to create a terraced coffee farm. To illustrate the journey of the coffee bean to the urban coffee drinker, shipping containers, packing crates, and timber pallets will be artistically arranged around the trees and on the structure.

It is hoped that the installation and displays will bring the coffee story to life and encourage coffee drinkers to consider the origins of the beverage, along with its production and transport while consuming Australia’s best coffee products as served by its top baristas.


Each day of the festival, different cafes and bars will server their specialties at the Urban Coffee Farm and Brew Bar. Entry is free and tasting flights will be offered for AU$3.00 amongst a wide variety of food and beverage menu items.

A video about the concept and design process, as told by the HASSELL Urban Coffee Farm and Brew Bar project team, can be viewed on their YouTube page.


Brew Bar Video