From the Green Builder magazine’s annual Editor’s Choice list of The Top Hot 50 Products for green building, we have selected four of their featured eco-friendly products that will help to keep you warm for the rest of the winter (or help you get ready for the winter of you’re south of the equator). Selection criteria for the Green Builder editors included: How well-made is a product? How long will it last? How often does it need maintenance? How efficiently does the product process resources? Has the product been crafted in a renewable and sustainable manner?

Hwam 3055 FS Freestanding Wood Fireplace


Designed by Denmark’s Strand + Hvass, the Hwam 3055 FS fireplace is EPA-certified and burns for four to five hours to provide heat for as much as 1,900 square feet of living space. It features a glass fire-screen that easily swings up. Drawing air across the glass, it stays fairly clean, and it can be removed for more meticulous cleaning.

Napoleon HMF150 Multi-Fuel Hybrid Furnace


The hybrid HMF 150 Multi-Fuel furnace from Napoleon Products is one of the most efficient and cleanest combination solid fuel burning furnaces. It allows you to burn wood with 88.6% efficiency ratings and 3.4 grams per hour EPA emissions, with the option to automatically switch to oil or electric.

Nest Thermostat


Accessible online with a WiFi Internet connection, the Nest thermostat is smart enough to learn your HVAC system and your living habits to maintain comfortable temperatures and reduce energy costs. Set the thermostat and control functionality with the free apps for iDevices and Android.

Haiku Ceiling Fan


Besides being great for cooling a room, ceiling fans can help regulate air flow to improve the efficiency of your heating system. Costing only $5.00 per year to operate, the Haiku ceiling fan from Big Ass Fans is Energy Star-rated as the most efficient, requiring just 2 to 30 W of electrical input power. Beautifully crafted of bamboo, the fan blades are hand-crafted for the most efficient air flow.