This week in Jetson Green Energy News, Australia has a new addition to its list of carbon neutral cities, the Indian state of Gujarat will reduce water evaporation and produce energy from solar panels over canals, a new shower head from New Zealand engineers reduces water flow by fifty percent, Wisconsin is reducing pollution from a coal plant, New England is getting new high-performance housing communities, a new solar panel reduces cooling costs, a report shows the United States is the largest wind power market, and a Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative aims to improve the U.S. manufacturing sector’s energy productivity, and we have new upcoming green events.

Melbourne Town Hall

Melbourne Achieves Carbon Neutral Status

Low Carbon Australia, an independent carbon offsetting authority for the Australian Government, has certified the City of Melbourne to join Sydney, Yarra, and Moreland City as having met the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS) for carbon neutral status.

India’s Canal Solar Power Project Will Install PV Panels Over Canals

Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mr Narendra Modi, plans to install solar panels over the 19,000 kilometer network of Narmada canals as part of a 600 megawatt solar power project. The pilot project includes development of a 750 meter stretch and is expected, each year, to generate 16 lakh units of clean energy and prevent the evaporation of lakh litres of water.

New Showerhead Uses Half the Water of Low-Flow Standard

New Zealand engineers have developed a shower head spray system, dubbed Oxijet, that “actively injects air into the water stream, so that water droplets become hollow” so that water droplets contain half the water, in addition to restricting flow. Tested in an Australian hotel with positive response, the Felton Oxijet is currently available to a limited market.

Wisconsin Coal Plant to Undergo Environmental Upgrades

The state of Wisconsin’s biggest contributor to mercury and sulfur dioxide pollution is getting a new air-quality control system as part of $627 million in upgrades.

Maine and Massachusetts to Get New High-Performance Housing

A property management group in Bangor, Maine is working on a Passivhaus community and a mixed-use LEED Platinum project is being planned for Boston, Massachusetts.

New Solar Panel Improves Daylight Cooling

Stanford University researchers have created a new solar structure that radiates sunlight to offset as much as 35 percent of air conditioning costs when only 10 percent of the roof is covered by the cooling panels.

United States is World’s Largest Wind Power Market

The World Market Update 2012 wind energy market report is now available from Navigant Research and features highlights such as “45 GW of new capacity added in 2012, including 1.1 GW from offshore wind” and notes that the United States has “surpassed China as the largest market in terms of new installations in 2012.”

U.S. DOE Announces Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative

The Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy has announced a Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative that aims to increase the nation’s competitiveness in clean energy products and increase the manufacturing sector’s energy productivity.

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