Lighting Science Group Corporation® has launched a new line of LED lamps that can serve as direct replacements for traditional general purpose lighting. The Definity Professional A19 LED lamps have been created with lightweight aluminum CoolPoly® thermal material that results in a lighter, more efficient, and less expensive option than incandescents.

The Definity Professional A19 LED lamp can achieve performance values of up to 71 lumens per watt while capable of dimming down to 5%. The GP19 LED lamp, which is also dimmable to 5%, compares to 40 watt lamps in ENERGY STAR equivalency performance at 80 lumens per watt.


“Consumers have been asking the LED industry for bulbs which more closely replicate the form and function of a traditional Edison bulb,” said Lighting Science Group Chief Executive Officer, Jeremy Cage, in a recent press release. “These new lamps represent that, and much more—they are highly efficient, emit a beautiful light, contain no mercury and are a strong LED value. These lamps make every room more beautiful with their lighting quality.”

The Definity line is the latest innovation from Lighting Science Group, which was recently contracted by The Bionetics Corporation to help develop LED lighting solutions for the International Space Station (ISS). NASA’s primary contractor for the ISS, The Boeing Company, will be working with Lighting Science and Bionetics to develop lighting systems that will help flight crews maintain circadian alignment while aboard the ISS.