Bright Beads lighting pendants by Marz Designs are handcrafted from American Ash, American Oak, American Walnut, Rock Maple, and Smoked Ash (FSC-certified timbers), and come with E27 screw-in lamp holders that are suitable for LED and EE bulbs.

Six configurations are available, dubbed Abacus, Africa, Aleenta, Alice, Art, and Aztec, which can be hung individually or in clusters to create chandelier arrangements. Five feet of electrical cord facilitate their installation from ceiling hooks or through less obtrusive methods.

How We Create - "Make It" Precinct Lauch, Design a Cup Competition

Coco Reynolds, of the Sydney-based design company, Marz Designs, appeared with her Bright Beads creations last August at the 2012 Saturday in Design event that was held in Melbourne, Australia.

Saturday in Design is an annual trade show that held its first event in Sydney in 2003 and alternates its events each year between Melbourne and Sydney. Saturday in Design provides local and international manufacturers and suppliers with the opportunity to launch new products for attendees who are designers, architects, and students of design fields. Exhibitors typically show furniture, lighting, fixtures, and finishes in showrooms so that attendees can interact with the products and their representatives.

How We Create - "Make It" Precinct Lauch, Design a Cup Competition

The Bright Beads collection of lighting pendants were showcased at 2012 Saturday in Design in conjunction with an on-site demonstration of the manufacture of the timber shapes on Evostyle wood turners by third-generation timber craftsman, Luke Ommundson, to show the relationship between manufacturers and designers.

Bright Beads are currently available from the following retailers: The Design Hunter, MCM House, Marz Designs, and Vavoom Emporium.

Note: Designer and creator Coco Reynolds