I’m writing with mixed emotions to announce a transition at Jetson Green. Jetson Green, LLC has closed the sale of this website (JetsonGreen.com together with related assets, lists, profiles, etc), and I will focus on family and other endeavors. I still have a couple/few articles that will be published, but you’ll see a lot less of me and more of the new owners and editorial management in the coming days.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your readership over the years.

I’ve come to know many readers and companies, and it’s been an absolute blast. This site started as an MBA project, and I guess I never saw myself becoming a publisher like this. With pursuits during the day as a transactional attorney and a growing site, in the last couple years I took on a pace that was completely unsustainable.

While I will not be with you here at Jetson Green, I’ll always be with you in my passion for green homes, sustainable prefab, natural materials, and green technology. I don’t know all the answers, but I think stuff is a critical aspect of our daily existence. Perhaps we’ll cross paths again in the future.

If you know me, though, you know I want to keep things short. I’m excited to see Jetson Green in new hands and hopeful for its future. I wish you a happy holiday season and nothing but the best. Should you need to contact me for anything, I’m at [email protected]

With appreciation for more than six awesome years of publishing!