These are Greenway Townhouses designed by Arbor South Architecture and built by Arbor South Construction (the same group behind The Sage, a high-scoring LEED Platinum project in Eugene). Construction just barely finished, and Arbor South will now focus on renting the 11 units of about 950 square feet each. Greenway Townhouses have been certified Earth Advantage Platinum, according to Bill Randall, principal at Arbor South, and will target LEED Gold certification.

Here’s a list of some of the “green” features in these eco-friendly townhomes:

  • Previously-developed site;
  • Existing bike path through the site to the river path system;
  • Transit bus stop right in front and a Walk Score of 77;
  • High fly ash content concrete and locally-sourced lumber;
  • LED parking lot lighting;
  • EcoBatt used for all of the batt insulation;
  • Exterior walls closed cell “flash” for air sealing and insulation with blown-in-blanket system in the rest of the wall cavity;
  • Blown-in-blanket in common fire walls and extra insulation throughout;
  • Rain garden captures and keeps all of the rainwater from the roofs and parking lot for percolation back into the soil;
  • Landscaping needs no irrigation once established;
  • Energy Star appliances (refrigerator, dishwasher, washer);
  • High efficiency package terminal heat pump for heating and air conditioning;
  • Durable finishes with laminate cabinets, plaster walls, and commercial grade carpet;
  • Energy Star/CFL/LED lighting (total lighting wattage in each home is under 300 watts);
  • WaterSense faucets/low flow and dual flush toilets;
  • Zero VOC paint; and
  • A small Panasonic Whisper-Quiet bath fan running a continuous 30 cfm with an occupancy sensor to kick it up to 80 cfm for 20 minutes when bath is occupied (for fresh air ventilation without the expense of a ducted HRV).

Randall told Jetson Green in an email that blower door tests came in between 2.1 and 2.6 air changes (Energy Star has to be 4.0 or less). These figures aren’t quite as strong as, for example, Passive House, but dwellers will certainly benefit with energy savings from a higher performing enclosure.

Greenway Townhouses are located at 785 River Road in Eugene, Oregon. The homes have a two-bedroom, townhouse style and each bedroom has its own vanity and alcove with a shared toilet and shower. There’s also a half-bath downstairs with a full-size washer and dryer in each home. Rent starts at $975 per month.

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Credits: Michael Dean Photography.