This is an update to let you know of the status of the much-anticipated liquid-cooling LEDs from San Jose-based Switch Lighting.  SWITCH60, a 60-watt equivalent bulb that produces 800 lumens at 12 watts (clear) or 13.5 watts (frosted), is currently available at 350 participating Batteries Plus stores nationwide.  The SWITCH40 and SWITCH 75 will also be available later this month from Batteries Plus.

Switch Lighting chose Batteries Plus as a retail partner because store owners and staff are trained to educate customers on all aspects of the advanced light bulbs.

These LED light bulbs are cooled with a liquid-silicone that has no toxic ingredients.  Each bulb is expected to last about 25,000 hours and can be used in “any orientation, any fixture, and any location,” according to a company statement.

[+] More about liquid-cooling LED light bulbs by Switch Lighting.