Delta Faucet just announced their In2ition two-in-one shower now features H20kinetic technology. Already a super-clever concept (Is it a shower head? Is it a handheld? Yes!), the In2ition now gives users tons of flexibility, a great showering experience and off-the-charts water savings. Read on to learn more about this breakthrough technology and how you just might get your own In2ition for free!

At the Delta blogger event this summer, I was given an early look at the H20kinetic engineering. The photo above shows off the internal component vital to creating the “big” shower experience consumers have come to expect — all the while using up to 40% less water than a typical shower head. As Josh Feldman explained,

This piece allows us to take full control of the energy that’s in water. We tell it how fast it’s going to come out and where, even how it’s shaped.

To determine that perfectly shaped and sized water droplet, Delta designers intently studied rain from various regions around the world. Turns out, the big, fat drops in rain forests were just what they wanted to emulate. Voluminous droplets plumped with air means more water-to-body contact for a luxurious yet water-efficient shower.

Below is a photo of some of the engineers behind the new technology demonstrating the difference in sprays between a regular showerhead and one with H20kinetics.

One Jetson Green reader will get that Amazonian treatment every day, thanks to our In2ition with H2O Kinetics giveaway! Since a big part of Delta’s research involved analyzing people’s less-than-luxurious shower experiences, we thought it would be fun to hear about yours. Leave a comment below telling us why your current showering situation needs a desperate makeover and we’ll pick the most deserving entry!

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