Reclaimed wood is a growing category of floor covering, and that is good news both for consumers and for the environment.  Because of the popularity of reclaimed wood flooring, there are more and more affordable choices than ever.  Sourcing just the right material for your home is still a little more work than buying off the shelf at your local flooring store, but armed with some basic information before you start talking to suppliers will make finding your perfect floor much easier.  Not all suppliers are created equal, either.  In most cases it is worthwhile to do due-diligence to make sure the company is reliable, established and has consistent stock before you fall in love with a particular style.

As you consider reclaimed wood flooring and a supplier for your project, I hope you’ll refer to these articles for reference.  Here’s how to remodel with reclaimed wood flooring:

Step 1:  Understand the Benefits of Reclaimed Wood Flooring.
Step 2:  Select a Wood Type, Milling, and Finish for Any Style.
Step 3:  Keep Key Wood Trends in Mind When Deciding on Style.
Step 4:  Understand How to Source the Choicest Reclaimed Wood.
Step 5:  Choose and Install the Right Finish to Suit Your Needs.