I was walking the aisles of Home Depot when I happened upon a screaming deal for the L Prize winning LED light bulb by Philips. This is the bulb, you may recall, that caused a national fuss over the reported price tag of $60. Turns out you can get the same bulb just five months later for the more reasonable price tag of $40 at Home Depot right now.

So I picked one up, and I’ll say this is one impressive bulb. The L Prize light bulb is brighter than the 12.5-watt AmbientLED with a similar yellow exterior.  I have several of these, and they’re excellent but not as powerful as the L Prize bulb.

The L Prize LED bulb uses only 10 watts of energy and delivers 940 lumens, 92 CRI, 2700 Kelvin, and 30,000 hours. In addition, the light bulb is dimmable and installs in a cinch with the Edison-type base. The one thing you may not like is the sealed plastic packaging it comes in. After you hatchet through that and recycle the remains, you’ll be well on your way to conserving energy with a nice dose of soft and warm light.

Photo credit: JetsonGreen.com.