This is VOLKsHouse, and it’s a prototype for an affordable, net-zero energy family home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In terms of achievements, the home carries an Emerald rating from NAHB and is also the first certified Passive House on the New Mexico market. The project was developed by investor Bob Schneck, Certified Passive House Consultant Jonah Stanford and architect Vahid Mojarrab, all with MoSA Architects, as part of a Passive House Initiative which includes a linked home and office condo called the Balance House.

VOLKsHouse has 2×6 framing, ZIP Panel sheathing, a 10-inch layer of EPS, triple-pane Optiwin doors and windows, low-VOC finishes, an Egauge power monitoring system, ERV, mini-split HVAC system, and LED lighting, etc.

Located at 1351 Ferguson Lane, the ultra-efficient home has 1,717 square feet with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a two-car garage, and a rooftop patio. It was built for $165 per square foot, including the solar photovoltaic system, which ensures that the home generates as much electricity as is used on an annual basis.

More specifically, MoSA said VOLKsHouse was 6.5% less expensive per square foot to build than a regional home of similar size, based on RSMeans cost modeling. Plus, it uses 90% less energy, so with the combined construction and energy savings, the architects believe “there’s no longer any reason to construct anything but Passive Houses.

The Passive House Academy acted as Certifier for this project.

[+] More about the construction of VOLKsHouse in Santa Fe.

Credits: Amadeus Leitner.