There’s an interesting Kickstarter campaign right now for an innovation called SmartThings.  SmartThings is a Minnesota-based company and an open platform to connect everyday things to the internet to monitor, control, and automate.  The company wants to add “intelligence to everyday things in your world, so that your life can be more awesome.“  It consists of a hub, “things,” maker tools, a cloud platform, and mobile app.

For example, at launch, SmartThings will be able to connect with a smart power outlet, open/shut sensor, motion sensor, and presence sensor.  Developers and makers will be able to use the platform to connect all sorts of devices and create new SmartApps.

SmartThings will use funding to bring the system to market and enable more devices, such as door locks, thermostats, temperature and humidity sensors, in-wall switches, smoke alarms, CO alarms, moisture and flood sensors, vibration and pressure sensors, etc.  Kickstarter pre-order pricing includes the hub and three connected things for $199.

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